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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 15, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new this morning, a dead body is found inside a castro valley home prompting a inside investigation. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up. governor brown calling for deep cuts in his new state budget. where all the money's coming from. and it's pink slip day for teachers across the state. why it may not be all bad news. let's take a quick look live outside early morning on the golden gate bridge. you can see a little bit of a foggy cast over those lights. we'll fill you in on what's happening on this tuesday, may 15th, "today in the bay." good morning, everybody, thank you very much for joining
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us. the time is just about 4:31. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, laura and jon, good morning to you at home. temperatures are running mild this morning. we're mostly in the 50s. a little bit on the chilly side up in the north bay, but we are headed toward about a ten-degree spike in your temperatures from where they ended up yesterday. i'll let you know what that means for your city and more importantly what's to come next. we do have major changes in the forecast. we'll talk through it. 4:31 first. >> i'm doing well, and hope everybody's doing as nicely as the golden gate flow looks like it's doing. we see the bridge itself with glowing lights. we do have or see the flashing lights. crew headed to the north side of the bridge, construction there restricting traffic flow to one lane in each direction. should clear soon. the map shows you no major slowing because of the light volume. and back toward the north bay where we have construction in san rafael in the southbound direction. maybe a crew heading north
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approaching that bridge. back to you guys. >> thank you, mike. we start with developing news and a mysterious death overnight. >> a body found in castro valley and police are trying to determine how that person died. live at the scene with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning to you. well, you know, this is quite a wide area behind several lines of crime scene tape this morning. a residential area in the 4,300 block of omega avenue. somewhat of a mystery what's going on here. but i spoke with a deputy this morning who could only release a little bit of information that they were working on an investigation last night just after 6:00. reports of a dead body in a home. ten hours later, they're still here, investigating this as a homicide, and they say they're nowhere near done. the body found in a home, the coroner hasn't even been here yet. now, i asked if this was a male or a female, they said they can't say yet or even whether there were reports of shots
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fired or suspicion circumstances. i do have calls into the sheriff department spokesperson for details on this. i can tell you there are a number of universities still out here, considering this happened at 6:00 last night. they've got their mobile command unit out here. several sheriff deputies' cars blocking the entire street off. we haven't seen any neighbors walking around yet this morning, hoping to talk with them later, as well. that's the latest this morning. reporting live in castro valley, christie smith, "today in the bay." a south bay doctor facing charges this morning accused of running what's called a pill mill in los gatos. allegedly prescribing large amounts of prescription drugs without performing any medical examinations. she's arraigned on monday on 12 felony counts. revealing a number of her patients were also reselling those drugs out on the street.
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>> people don't recognize it because it's something prescribed from the doctor, but it's tearing people apart, families apart, and it's a problem in california. >> experts say this type of allege ed crime is one of the fastest growing drug crimes in the state. ross mirkarimi continues his fight to get his job back today. a hearing is scheduled on whether a videotape of mirkarimi's wife can be used in his official misconduct investigation. the video shows lopez crying and pointing to a bruise on her arm allegedly caused by mirkarimi during an argument. ed lee is trying to remove him from office permanently. the man suspected in a string of sexual assaults in san francisco last year faces 24 charges. he appeared in court on monday. he's accused in three separate attacks in june, november, and december last year. police say he has confessed to the crimes. he's expected back in court at the end of the month.
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investigators say a vehicle fire in south san francisco may be the work of a serial arsonist. it all happened monday morning near i-280. that fire was started by something pushed right into the gas tank. a similar vehicle fire was also reported about 2 miles away. and police say these fires could also be related to several other small fires in south san francisco. berkeley residents want their city's police department to focus on local public safety. berkeley currently had an agreement with federal agencies to provide training with officers and share non-criminal intelligence. but a group of residents say police should have more local civilian oversight. the city will meet to consider changes in that policy, they'll also hold a rally in support of those changes. the state senate will hold a hearing today. three senate committees will examine the high-speed rail authority's business plan for 2012. the hearing comes after an article published in the lvm a.
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times revealed the state would have to spend $3.5 million per day in order to complete the first phase of the rail on time. expected to testify at that hearing. governor jerry brown's revised budget will make deep cuts to welfare programs and wages for state workers. the proposed budget would reduce child care for mothers trying to get off of welfare as well as in-home support, services for the needy, and services for the poor. another proposal would shorten the workweek for state employees to four days. governor brown is also pushing a tax increase on the november ballot warning if it does not pass, more cuts will come for public schools and universities. >> the message in the governor's budget is that if we don't approve the temporary tax increases in november, the cuts will get a lot worse, schools could be forced to close up to 15 days per year.
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>> california's budget deficit has soared to $16 billion up from the $9 billion first estimated just back in january. laura, the proposed cuts could also add a financial strain on local schools right here in the south bay, the educators association holding a rally to approach contract negotiations. the sticking point, health care costs at a time when governor brown is calling for more spending cuts. teachers claim the school district has enough reserves to give them their first raise in five years 6789. and teachers across the state learning if the layoff notices they received will be activated. in san francisco alone, more than 200 teachers were given pink slips back in march as the district struggles to deal with an $80 million deficit. just last week, teachers there voted to authorize a strike over contract differences. there is some good news, fewer
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bay area districts say they will need to enforce those layoff notices next year. 4:37 right now. i want to check the forecast with christina loren. >> school is out for summer in a few weeks from now, and we are going to get a full-on week of spring-like weather before it arrives. that's the good news. we've been dealing with summer-like conditions. as we transition through the next 15 days, looks like temperatures will be where they should be for this time of year. low 80s across the bay. 51 in sunnyvale this morning, and 55 degrees right here in san jose. we are expecting that patchy fog to develop right at the coast as it did yesterday. although, high pressure's moving in and it's going to amplify quickly. so we'll see plenty of 70s and low 80s across the bay today. we do trend you down in your temperatures as we head through thursday and friday only to bring them right back up for the weekend. a lot to talk about in the full forecast, but your breakdown works out like this. 70 degrees at noon inland.
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75 by the bay at 4:00, and 68 degrees at the coast at 4:00 p.m. your full forecast just moments away. now stick around for that, 4:39, first, let's check your drive with mike. >> we'll look at the maze right now. it's a maze of freeways moving smoothly. we will zoom in toward eastbound 80 takes you away from the bay bridge and back up to emeryville. earlier reports of a stalled vehicle there. we now see slowing although the vehicle reported clear from the chp incident. we'll track that for another few minutes and make sure nothing else happens. we do have a commute westbound as you're passing by cleveland avenue. hello, cleveland, no slowing. but there's a crew there. keep that in mind, as well. a live look out at the toll plaza, i'm sorry, we'll take that live look. shows traffic moving smoothly, and no problems as a result of the earlier accident we talked about. keep watching this as well as 880 past the coliseum, a smooth drive northbound with very few
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taillights, very, very few past the coliseum, guys. a normal flow so far. back to you. >> take a listen to this one. call it the hash tag express. muni considering adding a new express bus route that will connect to twitter's new headquarters in the mid market neighborhood. the new line would run from the station to 8th and market streets. the bus would run only during morning and evening commute hours monday through friday. san francisco struck a deal with twitter to keep the company in the city. twitter will move into its new digs next month. >> dig it. the cyclists descending upon the south bay for stage three of the amgen tour starting today in san jose. the overall leader peter sagan. riders racing a total of 117 miles from near the golden gate bridge, finishing at the college. stage three will take riders from san jose to livermore today.
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already facebook hiking the price on the new ipo as the new survey suggests most people think the social networking giant is just a passing fad. we'll explain next. and france gets a new president while europe's debt crisis continues just to drag down on the markets. we'll have the latest from cnbc. david beckham suits up for soccer inside the white house. good morning. >> hello, right. making all the ladies in here smile right now. and for all that beckham news, weather, traffic, check us out on facebook, search nbc bay area. those were our bkhams right there. >> right. s
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good tuesday morning to you. hp pavilion in san jose. we'll check the forecast coming up. 4:44. as expected, europe's debt worries weighing heavily on the markets today after a big selloff late yesterday. all right for that and the rest of your news before the bell as we check out the french president being sworn in. we'll get to that later on. let's turn it over to jackie at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning, jon. well, futures are higher this morning after stocks fell on monday. the selloff picking up speed in the final hour of trading as
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investors continued to fret over europe's debt crisis with greece still unable to form a new government. the financial stocks were pacing the declines yesterday, but the market's rebounding a little bit today. europe and asia are higher. and here in the u.s., we'll get data on retail sales, consumer prices and housing as well as home depot earnings. the dow fell 125 points to 12,695, the nasdaq losing 31 to 2,902. the bank holds the annual meeting in tampa, florida. reports saying that jpmorgan's board is backing dimon and the way he quickly apologized for the $2 billion trading loss and sought to fix the mistakes. the bank's chief investment officer resigned on monday. the loss illustrates the need for wall street reform. he also said that the same type of error at a less stable bank may have prompted the government to have to step in. and finally, facebook is hiking the price range. due to enormous demand from investors. the company looking to raise up
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to $12.1 billion selling the shares for $44 to $38 each that could value facebook at as much as $102 billion. this coming as a new cnbc app poll finds that half of americans believe facebook is just a fad. the same number also saying that the company's expected stock price is too high. and only 13% trusting facebook to protect their personal information. jon, back over to you. >> thank you very much. and so far facebook a very powerful fad. throughout the week, we are teaming up with our colleagues at cnbc to cover the facebook ipo from each and every angle. we have a team, five reporters all over and including our own scott mcgrew and scott budman covering that story and how it'll impact everybody right here in the bay area. well, france swore in the brand new president francois
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hollan hollande. the first socialist leader france has had since back in 1995, and quickly being thrown into dealing with the european debt crisis. leaving for berlin today to meet german chancellor angela merkel to discuss austerity and growth in europe. we should learn today just how many people are planning on traveling for memorial day weekend. aaa releases the annual memorial day holiday weekend travel forecast. it's the organization's first forecast for the year and should show how gas prices will likely impact travel for the holiday weekend. and if you're planning on catching a flight soon, here's good news for you. the nation's largest airlines got their passengers to their destinations on time in record time from january to march. that's according to the data from the transportation department. the 15 carriers were on time 84% of the time the first three months of the year. that's actually the best on-time arrival performance of any first quarter since the department actually started collecting all that data back in 1995.
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so -- >> that's great news. but the bad news is, we still pay about $3,000 per bag. >> can't afford to get there. >> yeah exactly. christina loren telling us about a cool, crisp start. >> why travel when we live in the bay area where the weather is just phenomenal? thank you, thank you very much. i love when jon kelley takes my back. i think he'll take my back when i tell you it's going to be a really nice day today. temperatures stayed cool yesterday. i had to use my heater, but temperatures about ten degrees warmer inland, 8 degrees warmer at the coast. nice mild start south of the golden gate bridge, but, hey, if you live in the north bay, cold enough for a jacket, upper 40s for now. we're headed toward the 60s by noon today. high pressure firmly in control of our weather pattern. we had a weak disturbance yesterday. as a result, ushering in that strong onshore flow. so today, a pretty good amount of cloud cover at the coast. not going to last long. by mid-morning, we are expecting clear. your hour-by-hour forecast for this tuesday.
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65 degrees at noon by the bay, 60 at the coast as you break for lunch there and 70 degrees inland, up to 80 degrees at 4:00 p.m. as you make your way home from work. it works out like this. by tomorrow, climbing to about 83 degrees and temperatures tumble thursday into friday. we get a little area of low pressure that's going to make for an even stronger onshore flow. and temperatures will fall back into the 70s only to climb right back up just in time for the weekend. looking great for beach conditions on sunday. back to you guys. >> sounds great, christina, thank you very much. and i've had a request to read this story very, very slow. his name is beckham. david beckham. bringing soccer skills to the white house. here you go, ladies, this is for you. at home and here in the studio. he and his teammates hosting a soccer clinic with first lady michelle obama as part of her "let's move" campaign. that's right. get down. the clinic will be indoors in the state dining room because of the weather out there. >> sure, in the dining room. who plays soccer in the dining
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room? it's not allowed. >> it's a big white house dining room. >> remember the whole don't play ball in the house? >> they'll have a lot of photos taken with mr. beckham. the giants had a good night against the rockies. we'll show you the highlights coming up next. plus, the team sold off used gear after last night's game. we'll explain what's going on there. and a smooth drive for 580 through your tri-valley. where you're trying to finish up the roadwork and if you're going to use your brakes coming up. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters,
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welcome back, everybody, on this tuesday morning. there's a nice, crisp shot of the bay bridge out there. the weather feeling a little crispy. christina loren will tell you the exact temperatures you'll enjoy. it is 4:53. >> the giants are now selling game-used merchandise. there's dirty game balls, broken bats, scuffed up bases and worn jerseys. some are signed, some are just stained. new from the clubhouse store. it's a hit with fans. >> it has like -- a sportsy feel to it. you're like, they wore it in the
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game. >> i can see a certain spot on tv, like hdtv these days and it matches up you know it was used in that specific game. >> i think it's pretty cool. the giants will donate some of the proceeds to charity on designated games. and this weekend, the team will sell the orange jerseys they're wearing in the first game of the bay bridge series. >> yeah, that burnt orange, enjoy that. building a little momentum up before the bay bridge series. a quick two-game series. this is how you get it done. a home run right there that ties the ball game, bottom of the eighth, buster posey jacks a shot out drives the middle, the giants score again. and it's 2-1, the giants go on to win that. that's buster right there. giants going to win it 3-2. meantime, the a's enjoying a nice run on the road. yesterday they spanked them. a's win 5-0. let's check that morning commute with mike. it's early. >> yeah, getting out there, the
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road crews are spanking -- i can't, it's not cool. only with sports. looking over to the maps, it's 280 at 17, that interchange, construction crews remain. here's a live look. not a lot of problem. northbound 17 getting to southbound 280, that connecter route may be closed for another few. a detour that's posted overnight. back to the map, we'll look also over to the right side of the map. we have tully road that continues for the onramp. that'll be picked up in two minutes. the two spots there continue as late as 6:00. we'll track this, but that's early for any slowing to show up for the south bay and that's why we schedule it like that. dumbarton bridge, that construction has cleared for the morning, but memorial day weekend, along with our golden gate bridge celebration, we will have the closure of the dumbarton bridge doing retro fit work and that demands the full closure for that three-day weekend for many. 237 to the south, and those are your alternates to the dumbarton
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bridge. a smooth drive, though a little slowing at the bottom of the screen coming up towards the road for 680 northbound. construction in both directions and that off ramp is closed for another few. no major problems through that walnut creek interchange. too early for any slowing from antioch to the north. how about this? ducks in distress. a family of ducklings lose their way and get trapped in a storm drain in oregon. >> luckily they got help from a passer by who happened to have a duck whistle. >> don't we all carry duck whistles? >> he was ready. he found the ducks near the storm drains and he used the duck whistle to get their attention and caught them with a net. the ducklings say they were happy to be free. >> is that what they're saying? i'm reading the lips right now. he plans to relocate them to safer grounds. >> good samaritan with a duck
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whistle. beautiful thing. still ahead on "today in the bay," the amgen tour comes to san jose. along that race route. plus, developing news in castro valley where a homicide investigation is underway. we'll have the latest details next. after all the details on your news, weather, and traffic and updates, check us out. go to facebook and search nbc bay area. we're hanging out all day.
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developing news out of castro valley this morning. where a dead body was found in a home, i'm christie smith, i'll show you the scene coming up in a live report. and facebook officially reaching its public stock price ahead of the anticipated ipo. i'm marla tellez with those numbers coming up. and i'm pretty sure you're going to like today's forecast. we're in the 50s for now headed toward the 70s and 80s. your full forecast moments away. and 0


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